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NOTE:  Intermediate ABL Audit (without the DATA portion) is now available on-line from

Learning Objective:
Participants will develop analysis and fraud prevention skills that are essential to preventing asset exposure in asset based lending.  This course includes examples and discussions about improper accounting, poor test results and deteriorating risk factors that signal possible and real problems.  Students will be able to take this knowledge into the field to dig deeper, document better and prepare a higher level of analysis to the ABL field examination product. 

CPE Credit: 24 Hours

Prerequisites: Designed for examiners and Officers with 6 months or more of prior lending or audit experience, up to the Audit Manager level, including prior internal audit or public accounting experience.  Also ideal for CPA’s and due diligence professionals.  Account Officers and Operations Management interested in expanding field scope on problem examinations, spotting problems and responding to findings from field examinations and reporting. 

Advanced Preparation: Microsoft Excel 97 or higher.  Windows version 2000 or higher.  Additional course case files will be installed at the start of the first day.  User must have Administrator Rights to allow installation of course files from download or via  USB key. 

Windows based notebook computer with 1GB of RAM, 40 Megs of available Hard Drive Space, external power supply, USB or CD drive.  Screen resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher.  A mouse is highly recommended.

Participants should have skills with Windows and Excel’s file commands, navigation, and general options.  Computers are only needed for Day One. 

Delivery Method: Self-Study at, Group Internet (Webinar)  Group Live upon request

Course Level: Advanced

Contact Clear Choice Seminars, Inc. at (see Contact page) or by phone at 410 747-7994 for more information and group pricing.

Starting in 1994, Intermediate ABL Audit Seminar become the #1 ABL Audit Course.  Based on extensive analysis of what is wrong with training, including analysis of hundreds of hours of (poor quality) training from national providers, CPA seminars, a lack of an Advanced curriculum to analyze the numbers and a desire to start something new; the course was born.  After a year of outlines, trials, rewrites, multimedia testing and feedback, the first class was launched at Comerica Bank in Texas during October of 1994.
Intermediate ABL Auditing is in its eighth generation of multimedia presentation and the Live course presentation incorporates the advanced electronic data analysis as the first day.  Course content and case studies are revised after each class to hone the focus on intermediate to advanced skills.
Students are taught to look at the numbers and analyze trends.  The focus is:

  1. Analysis of numbers

  2. Professional Judgment

  3. Electronic Data gathering

  4. Risk analysis of when to do more testing

  5. Danger signs and extended tests to combat willful misconduct

  6. Advanced testing techniques

  7. Speed tips to get more done faster

A Tradition of Excellence in ABL Training Seminar Courses:
Continuing with our tradition of maintaining the #1 ABL Audit Course, dozens of slides have been added, modified, changed, and deleted based on student feedback and instructor white-board drawings.  The DATA course has been added while additional revisions to include different versions of Excel.  We NEVER stop revising and improving this course!

Benefits of This Course / Learning Objectives
We believe that borrowers are smarter than ever and the possibility of willful misconduct increases with adverse conditions.  These factors make a well trained staff a priority.  Students learn the professional judgment skills and testing techniques to help safeguard assets and enhance a standard workpaper format.  Critical thinking skills, fraud cases, the relationship of key numbers and real-world analysis techniques are emphasized.  Computers can enhance appearance, speed analytical time and help to test conditions, but a trained mind is needed to spot adverse trends and dig deeper when needed.  Intermediate ABL Audit Seminar provides the skills and techniques to enhance field examiner performance.  Combined, these skills can reduce asset exposure, help to prevent booking poor quality credits, reduce write-offs and cut field time.



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