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Learning Objective: Participants will develop the skills to electronically download text files and formatted Excel files for rapid data analysis using sorts, AutoFilter, Subtotals and Pivot Tables.

CPE Credit: 8 Hours

Prerequisites: Excel 2000 or higher and an understanding of basic Excel functions such as SUM, IF statements, and editing commands.  At least one year of financial analysis or accounting are recommended.

Advanced Preparation: Computer should have Excel installed.  Course cases will be distributed at the start of the course and students must be able to download or copy the files to their computers.

Delivery Method: Group Internet (Webinar)  Group Live upon request

Course Level: Advanced

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DATA is now part of Intermediate ABL Auditing

Are you or members of your staff still adding up credit memos on a calculator or spending hours calculating ineligibles from thick agings?  Heard about doing this on a computer but can't seem to get the skills needed to make it happen?  Uncertain about how to get the data from the Borrower's computer system?  Stressed-out from a stretched out staff that needs to be more efficient?  Tired of hearing the Borrower complain about the audit fees and travel time?  Would you like to learn how to use inexpensive software tools to get the job done up to 50% faster?  Can you afford to pass this up?  If not now, when your competition can do it faster and cheaper and better? 

Data Analysis Techniques for Auditors (DATA), takes a practical and affordable approach to the advanced analysis of electronic data.  Designed for advancing or advanced examiners, back office staff and CPA’s with a minimum of 30 ABL ineligible calculations or exams completed,.  This is the most advanced ABL audit course in the world.

Instruction is provided by Joseph R. Caplan, CPA, one of the industry’s leading examiners, creator of Intermediate ABL Auditing (the #1 ABL Audit course), ABL-Help, and Managing Director of FinSoft, LLC.  Almost two years in the making and focused from tens of thousands of hours of Audit, computer and DATA analysis experience in the ABL field.


Students will learn to analyze agings, sales and cash journals, summarize credit memos, extract data, move data from Borrower systems onto Examiner computers and parse data -- All electronically and in record time.



The course requires a Pentium class PC loaded with Excel 97 or higher

Featuring a professional spiral bound manual with step-by-step instructions for hands-on examples.   Each example builds upon prior knowledge for constant enhancement and reinforcement of ideas.  Examples use real ABL scenarios and ABL accounting data.



DATA Course Outline
1 Day Course

Also included with Intermediate ABL Auditing

 What is Data Mining?
 Data Mining vs Data Analysis
 Brief History
 Modules and Format
 Keyboard Input
 Menubar and Toolbar
 Course Files

 Data is Everywhere
 Data Terminology
 Why You Can Get Data
 Persistence Section Review
 Data Proficiency Review

 Data Formats and What to Get
 Getting the Data To A File
 Getting the Data From Them to Us
 Virus Paranoia
 Boolean Logic and Wildcards
 Exercise A: PDF2XL
 Getting Data Section Review Quiz
 Getting Data Proficiency Review

 Exercise A: Good DATA Setup  Habits
 Exercise B: Importing Data to Excel
 Exercise C: Import Troubleshooting
 Exercise D: Basic Sorting
 Exercise E: Multi-Key Sorting
 Exercise F: Advanced Filtering
 Exercise G: Subtotaling
 Exercise H: Formula Tweaks
 Exercise I: Pivot Table Basics
 Exercise J: Pivot Table Tweaks
 Exercise K: Advanced Inventory  Pivots
 Exercise L: VLookup to Compare Lists
 Excel Section Review Quiz & Case
 Excel Proficiency Review

This course moves students from assessing client systems to advanced Excel data analysis and then into detailed testing techniques and fraud hot-spots.  Students will gain timesaving skills to acquire, convert, analyze, summarize and interpret borrower data.  The course is lead by an industry insider with 21+ years of ABL field examination and computer automation experience.

The borrowers are smarter,
you should be too!


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