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Joseph R. CaplanJoseph R. Caplan, CPA has been in the ABL profession since 1985 as a field examiner, audit manager, ABL per diem examiner, seminar instructor and entrepreneur. Mr. Caplan is a graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia, with a dual degree in accounting and finance.  After graduation, Mr. Caplan served in Public accounting with Laventhol & Horwath, having duties extended to include computer graphics publishing for financial statements and computer training for newly hired staff.
After several years at Barclays American Business Credit (became Fleet Capital Corp. and is now Bank of America Business Capital), as a field examiner, Mr. Caplan became the Audit Manager at Perpetual Savings Bank, FSB, managing a portfolio with $250MM of ABL transactions and $900MM of commercial loans. 
As the S&L crisis emerged, Perpetual Savings Bank, FSB became the first account in Mr. Caplan's former per diem field examination practice on 6/15/90.  That practice evolved into Capital Acquisition Professionals, Inc. (CAPi).  Some of the larger transactions have included turnarounds and spin-offs from companies such as 3M, Forstman Little, Quanex, EECO, VF Corporation, Nichols Homeshield, G-Tech, Pinkerton, and others.  The largest transaction handled to date has been for $300,000,000 of secured lines.  Mr. Caplan's focus has been only Asset Based Lending related and not traditional Accounting services such as:  taxes, CPA audits, reviews, compilations, financial planning, insurance, mutual funds, Etc.
When starting the per diem practice, Mr. Caplan conducted several local seminars in and around Baltimore, Maryland to help banks understand the needs of Asset Based Lending.  The success of these presentations allowed Mr. Caplan to develop other seminars including:  Cash Flow Analysis for Asset Based Loans and the Intermediate ABL Audit Seminar under the company name of Clear Choice Seminars, Inc.  The course materials are written by Mr. Caplan, with programming, sound files, video and some animations also done by Mr. Caplan.  Mr. Caplan also participates as a member of the Adobe Design Board for the Adobe CS eLearning Suite and has served as a speaker at the annual Adobe Learning Summit.
In January of 1996, Mr. Caplan started FinSoft, LLC, a software consulting Company that developed AssetWriter field examination software,  AssetReader aging analysis software and AssetArchive data warehousing and analytics for real-time fraud prevention.  FinSoft, LLC also provides custom software solutions, as well as database development and maintenance in Oracle, Access, PC Anywhere, DB2, SQL, ODBC and other client/server or embedded database solutions.

Mr. Caplan holds several copyrights on written materials, course materials, white papers and software designs.  Other projects have included The Asset Based Lender's Home Page and the industry ineligible guide known as ABL-Help.
Why all Asset based Lending?  "It's the greatest profession on earth."

Summary of Products:

Blue PinClear Choice Seminars, Inc. & ABL-Train

  • Custom Courses for specific needs
  • On-Site training at your location
  • Self-Paced On-Line training under the name ABL-Train
  • Intermediate / Advanced ABL Audit Seminar
    (the #1 field examination class)
  • Data Analysis Techniques for Auditors
    (the most advanced ABL course available)
  • Cash Flow Analysis for Asset Based Lending (in-house only)
  • Introduction to ABL Field Examinations (In-house only)
  • Using AssetWriter Field Examination Software
  • Using AssetReader ABL Data Analysis Software (the easiest to use and most complete ineligibles in ABL)
  • ABL-Help (free computer help file for the ABL profession and the most complete list of ineligibles in the world)

Blue PinCapital Acquisition Professionals, Inc.

  • Spin-offs
  • EBITDA Analysis for cash flow loans
  • New Business Surveys, particularly Hi-Tech, Spin-Offs, Computer Related Companies
  • Problem Loans, Turn-Arounds, Work-Outs
  • Private Placement Memorandums
  • Projection Models

Blue PinFinSoft, LLC

  • AssetWriter field examination software
  • AssetReader AR Aging Analysis software
  • AssetArchive for ongoing fraud analysis of reported numbers
  • Data analysis of agings, journals, inventory and reports for lenders
  • Custom solutions using Visual Studio DotNet and Core, C#, VB.NET, ASP, Angular, VB-6, MS-SQL Server and Oracle

Blue PinAsset Based Lenders Home Page

  • Research links for Asset Based Lenders
  • Resource links for Asset Based Lenders
  • White Papers on Asset Based Lending Topics

Blue PinABL-HELP and ABL-Help Pro

  • On-Line help file that installs on PC's
  • Includes over 189+ ineligible collateral item explanations
  • Includes detailed turnover calculations and ABL math examples
  • Includes a Glossary of over 750+ terms
  • Includes detailed diagnostic tool for analysis of turnover (A/R, Inventory and A/P)


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