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The course materials are updated after every class and periodically before Spring and Fall sessions based on:

  1. Student surveys and class comments gathered during breaks and lunches.

  2. White board drawings that are repeated from class-to-class

  3. Case studies are constantly tuned for clarity and to increase focus on key issues.

  4. Student based, methods, experience, report formats, report scope requirements, stories, procedures, techniques and other comments are added to the class and passed on to new students.

  5. Emerging technologies for the multimedia presentation are updated as technology changes (we're on our seventh generation of presentation software and second projector).

  6. New methods of delivery including multimedia, electronic white board software, an electronic disk-based users reference manual and revised slides.

  7. Emerging technologies for the course content are implemented immediately for areas such as computers, EDI, accounting rule changes, accounting system changes and new financing opportunities.

  8. For the Year 2000 we invested over 160 hours of effort into the Intermediate ABL Auditing course to provide more examples, more advanced concepts, more fraud detection techniques, more accounting system tips and better flow of ideas from section to section.   We've also updated the electronic disk-based users reference manual.  We NEVER stop revising and improving the courses, delivery and materials!

  9. In 2000 Clear Choice Seminars, Inc introduced Data Analysis Techniques for Auditors, the most advanced ABL course in the world

  10. For 2005, the DATA course has been incorporated into the Intermediate ABL course.

  11. For 2009 the slides were updated and the Intermediate/ Advanced course was refocused to three total days.

  12. For 2012 we introduced for on-line training.  The project took seven years and we introduced 14 courses on November 19, 2012


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