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An account officer's guide to Field Exams and Back Office Reporting

Learning Objective: Participants will develop an overview and basic analysis  skills that are used to monitor commercial loans that use asset based lending tracking techniques.  This course is designed to prevent asset exposure in asset based lending with examples and discussions about improper accounting, poor test results and deteriorating risk factors that signal possible and real problems.  Students will be able to take this knowledge to more fully monitor into the field to dig deeper, document better and probe for answers that affect the collateral position and reporting.  

CPE Credit: 16 Hours

Prerequisites: Designed for Officers with 6 months or more of prior commercial lending experience and Operations Management interested in expanding field scope on knowledge about asset based lending testing and monitoring procedures. 

Advanced Preparation: None.

Delivery Method: Self-Study at www.ABLTrain.com, Group Internet (Webinar)  Group Live upon request

Course Level: Intermediate

Contact Clear Choice Seminars, Inc. at www.ccsiweb.com (see Contact page) or by phone at 410 747-7994 for more information and group pricing.

ABL Monitoring Guide is designed to teach account officers and other credit professionals the meaning of the analysis contained in a field examination and typical back office reports

Based on feedback from students in the Intermediate ABL Auditing class, this class was designed to convert the course into a less technical product for account officers, while adding an emphasis on the reports that can be used to monitor credit.
ABL Monitoring Guide uses multimedia presentation, class instruction and case studies to convey the importance of field examination information and recommendations.
Students are taught to look at the numbers and analyze trends.  The focus is:

  1. Analysis of numbers

  2. Professional Judgment and planning

  3. Risk analysis of when to respond to results

  4. Danger signs and possible responses

  5. Reporting and office Monitoring

Benefits of This Course
We believe that borrowers are smarter than ever and the possibility of willful misconduct increases with adverse conditions.  These factors make a well trained staff a priority.  Students learn the professional judgment skills and testing techniques to help safeguard assets and enhance a standard workpaper format.  Computers can enhance appearance, speed analytical time and help to test conditions, but a trained mind is needed to spot adverse trends and dig deeper when needed.  ABL Monitoring Guide provides the skills and techniques to enhance account officer performance.  Combined, these skills can reduce asset exposure, help to prevent booking poor quality credits and reduce write-offs.

Course Requirements
This is an intermediate level course.  Students should have at some basic knowledge of practical ABL terms and procedures associated with a borrowing base.  Besides a willingness to learn, the course demands attention to detail and a personal goal of striving to do the best job possible.


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