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Learning Objective: Participants will learn the analytical skills and expert tips used to trap more complex customer patterns and totals in AssetReader software.    Users will gain the skills needed to work independently in the assessment of trap rows and apply advanced trapping procedures that bring-in difficult files.

CPE Credit: 2 Hours

Prerequisites: Students should have at least six months of experience when using AssetReader software. Participants must be current AssetReader users. 

Advanced Preparation: Printout course materials that are delivered after registration and before the start of the course.

Course Level: Advanced

Delivery Method: Group Internet (Webinar)  Group Live upon request

Course Level: Advanced

Contact FinSoft, LLC at or Clear Choice Seminars, Inc. at (see Contact page) or by phone at 410 747-7994.
$50.00 for registered AssetReader users.

This course is taught by Clear Choice Seminars, Inc with the instructor being Mr. Caplan, one of the FinSoft, LLC owners.  The course teaches students the more advanced trapping procedures that are included in AssetReader

There are some files that are simply hard to import because of the data layout in the accounting report provided.  AssetReader contains some sophisticated options to allow tough reports to be imported quickly and repeatedly without manual manipulation for repeat imports of the same Borrower data. 

This course is presented in two one hour sessions and is open to licensed users of AssetReader.


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